From CEO Desk


Nehal Shah(CEO)

Founded on a vision of providing a better tomorrow to every family in the world contributing to an improved standard of living. The company’s mission is to provide value for money along with real estate solutions comprising of Quality Green Development. We strive to get recognition as a world class organization by providing beautiful structures made of dreams and hopes of our clients.

We aspire to enhance the value of our projects through focused research, uninterrupted development and comprehensive management.

Affordable Housing in India has become the new Mantra for everyone related to the realty sector in the country. It may not have the glamour of mobile phones or airlines but no-frills housing is beginning to get off the blocks and promises to be a big, big business. We wish to prove our mettle by becoming one of the best affordable housing providers of the country.

Following the footsteps of Gandhiji, We believe in providing a ‘New Life’ (Navjivan) to a common man by responding to their dream of owning a home. We are committed to the society at large and thus endeavor to be a socially responsible organization. “The good of each individual in society consists in his efforts to achieve the good of all” – Mahatma Gandhi.